At Ashbourne Quality Care our services are specfically tailored to meet individual needs. Your personalised care plan will ensure you are at the centre of ‘your’ care. Each and every requirement will be documented with full risk assessments recorded. Your identified carer will work to your unique plan, that you will be able to add to and amend whenever you feel there is a need. Your family can also have an input and be involved if you wish. Each visit will have a personalised record of the tasks carried out by your carers, medications administered and your general health and wellbeing. You will be in full control of how your care is delivered and your wishes will be respected at all times. Ultimately we want you to be happy and confident with the care and support we deliver.

All our services will be delivered by our trained carers and everyone will be treated with dignity, respect and in a friendly but professional manner by well trained and knowledgeable staff.

We want your support to be at times convenient to you where possible. Should circumstance dictate a change to this we will inform you.